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The Quadruple Aim becomes the Quadruple Reality. This is the power
of creating 
partnership that improves the quality of care for those who need it most. 


With real-world experience, commitment to collaboration, and proven expertise in complex care coordination and delivery, CACP has what healthcare organizations need to forge consumer partnerships that advance innovative practices system-wide, improve performance, and build value for their stakeholders. To that end, CACP provides services in the following capacities:


As a resource that supports organizations with an array of proven methods, tools, and services designed to facilitate the development and demonstrate the benefits of a partnership-centered organization. As a resource, we will make available people, process, and technology support to enable organizations to create partnership-centered infrastructure, operational models, and culture.


As a convener that brings organizations together to develop, share and advance best (and new) practices that transform healthcare by engaging consumers’ voices routinely in organizational design and practice. As a convener, we will bring together existing pockets of excellence to support cross-organizational learning and growth.


As an evidence developer for the proposition that authentic consumer partnerships will advance system development, improve important outcomes, and reduce overall medical expenses for individuals with complex needs. As an evidence developer, we will demonstrate to healthcare leaders the value and the ROI of consumer partnership.


As a thought leader at the forefront of a national movement to develop, foster, and maintain consumer-centric cultures in healthcare organizations whose systems and operations impact consumers with complex needs. As a thought leader, we will engage in opportunities to shift the paradigm and influence the national conversation around achieving consumer partnerships that improve outcomes and reduce cost.


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Authentic consumer partnership means collaborating to develop, innovate, and validate care models that work and measures that matter.


We have seen with our own eyes, and through our own efforts, that
when health systems effectively collaborate with consumers,
everyone wins. Quality is improved. Costs can be reduced. 
And satisfaction with the experience of care increases for consumers,
staff, and clinicians.

At CACP, we are leading the way in transforming the quality of care for people with complex health and social needs. And we believe that to achieve this transformation, we must move beyond “patient-centrism”
to a more inclusive paradigm.


We call it authentic consumer partnership – consumers as experts in their
lives partnering with health professionals as experts in care.

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