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to transform the quality of care for people with complex needs.


The Center to Advance Consumer Partnership (CACP)

CACP is dedicated to improving care for individuals with complex health and social needs by fostering authentic consumer partnership throughout the healthcare system. This model was pioneered by Commonwealth Care Alliance, where we have demonstrated the power of partnering with consumers to embed their voices in care design and delivery.

Focusing on the 5% of consumers who drive 50% of costs.


People with complex health needs are often the most vulnerable and the most marginalized among us – and the least likely to receive high-quality healthcare.  And, it is well documented that these individuals account for a vastly disproportionate share of healthcare utilization and cost. Improving their outcomes can have an unparalleled impact on the nation’s health.  That’s our entire focus at CACP. 

Building the business case for consumer partnership – and offering proven programs to make it a reality.

Healthcare leaders need solid evidence that a partnership model will move the needle on quality for people with complex health needs and deliver real ROI for their organizations. And they need the people, programs, and expertise that will make partnership an integral part of their business culture.

You can do this. 

We know, because we’ve been doing it at Commonwealth Care Alliance.

We are continually amazed at the way our consumer partners translate their lived experience into insights – and how acting on those shared insights can significantly improve organizational performance. 

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CACP Brochure

Let’s explore ways we can work together to foster authentic consumer partnership.

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