Creating Space for Diverse Voices

Because evidence is the foundation of decision-making, it matters a great deal who contributes to the data. We know first-hand that it is easier to engage people who have the time, inclination, and energy to participate. So, we ask the question, “Whose voices aren’t we hearing?” and customize outreach to ensure diverse perspectives are included.

For example, a single journey map may not fully reflect how certain groups of consumers (e.g., those with disabilities, elderly, non-English speakers, people of different races, ethnicities, or socioeconomic status) experience the healthcare and human services systems. There may be varying needs, priorities, and expectations. Because of those variations, it’s often helpful to create tailored journey maps so they reflect the unique experiences and identify the moments that matter within and across specific consumer segments. Understanding what may or may not be working, and for whom, yields important insights to help organizations reduce disparities in their provision of care and services.