To build the foundation for widespread transformation of care for consumers with complex needs, CACP is pursuing a number of long-term, foundational initiatives that are critical to this mission. 


The Consumer Partnership Engagement Index (CPEI)

CACP will design and field a national survey among organizations that serve populations with complex needs. Our objectives are to:


  • Define what elements are required to create a partnership-based organizational model that best serves these individuals

  • Create a tool that organizations can use to assess their current level of consumer partnership – relative strengths, opportunities, gaps, and priorities 

  • Create industry benchmarks so that organization leaders can compare their performance to others serving similar populations 

  • Promote evidence-based conversations among leaders and policymakers to facilitate ongoing measurement, improvement, and innovation 


Making the Case for Consumer Partnership

At CACP, we understand that healthcare is a business – and that business decisions must begin with facts and evidence. That’s why one of our most important objectives is to build a solid business case for consumer partnership. We are marshalling persuasive evidence that engaging people with complex health needs produces not only better insights, but also better outcomes – higher quality of care, improved experience, and greater ROI. 


Creating a Community of Like-Minded Organizations

In our work at Commonwealth Care Alliance  ,  we learned that no organization can go at it alone if it wants to move the needle on consumer-centered quality, system-wide. In our experience, collaboration is a force multiplier. So, at CACP, one of our priorities is to serve as the connective tissue that unites organizations with shared goals behind a common purpose.


We bring organizations together in learning collaborations, conferences, and seminars to accomplish key objectives:

  • Optimize care for those with complex healthcare needs

  • Test new approaches to embedding patient voices in the design and evaluation of care

  • Share results, validate findings, and disseminate best practices



Let’s explore ways we can work together to foster authentic consumer partnerships.

Please contact us to start the conversation.


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