Mapping the Consumer Journey

CACP partners with organization leadership, managers, and staff to provide clients with a fast, flexible, and objective visualization of the many ways consumers interact with, or make decisions about, their organizations. A consumer journey map documents the order and type of every touchpoint – those times when consumers and your organization interact – including those over which you have little direct control. A journey map answers the question, “What happens, in what sequence, from the consumers’ perspective?”

Because there are often gaps between what organizations believe consumers want and what consumers identify is important to them, CACP validates the journey map by obtaining feedback and insight directly from consumers served by your organization. These discussions identify the moments that disproportionately shape consumers’ experience – the moments that matter.

The CACP journey mapping process can be an eye-opening experience as well as a powerful way to identify and prioritize improvement opportunities. Staff and leaders see their organization through the eyes of the consumers they serve – gaining empathy and understanding of the reality consumers face. Journey mapping is an essential process to shift your organization’s mind-set. It lays the foundation for a culture that reinforces the power of consumers' lived experience, creates a roadmap for operational change, and highlights opportunities for organizations to create responsive solutions that can help improve care and services.