Our Work

Rarely in healthcare or human services are problems or solutions clear cut; they are often multi-faceted and complex.
In some cases, even the dilemma at hand can be framed in a number of ways.

There are no simple solutions to challenges confronting the healthcare and human service sectors, and the landscape changes constantly.  CACP helps leaders and their organizations build the internal infrastructure to regularly tap critical insights from a key source - the people they have committed to serve. Without this insight, organizations risk having blind spots about where and how to invest energy and resources. 


It takes insight, innovation, and continual iteration to develop approaches and solutions that individuals want and value.  Consumer driven solutions help organizations align their efforts to best support individuals who have complex needs live life to its fullest potential.


Consumers can become enduring organizational partners in discovering solutions that meet their ongoing needs, thereby improving quality and creating best-in class experiences.  CACP helps clients realize the power and expertise of consumers through three key activities:  

In addition to these three key activities, CACP also supports two important areas of foundation building.  

Building Capacity & Capability: Because time and energy are limited, leaders and organizations need to know where to invest their limited resources with confidence. CACP helps clients establish an infrastructure that supports ongoing integration of consumers’ lived experience and insights into strategy development and operations.


Demonstrating Impact: Healthcare and human service organizations are dedicated to fulfilling their mission and vision, but they are also businesses – and business decisions must begin with information and evidence. CACP is building a solid business case for the value of developing enduring consumer partnerships. We are marshalling evidence from our work with many clients to demonstrate a value proposition: engaging and partnering with consumers yields deeper insights, improved outcomes, and better experiences. We are committed to describing the impact in quantitative and qualitative terms.