Case Histories – Journey Mapping

You don’t know what you don’t know:

The power of Consumer Journey Mapping, an example from Commonwealth Care Alliance   (CCA).


Here at CACP, we are huge proponents of mapping the consumer experience from end-to-end as a powerful way to identify and prioritize immediate improvement opportunities. Our own mapping experience with CCA  members proved to be a real eye-opener, demonstrating that in-going assumptions about what matters most to our members often need to be informed or clarified by members themselves.


In a co-design process with CCA staff, we sequenced the many touch-points and interactions our consumers have with the organization. As the map began to take shape, we validated it with groups of consumers from our Member Voices panel. And we found that staff perceptions and the actual member experience diverged in surprising ways.

Immediate and lasting return on investment

As a process and a product, Consumer Journey Mapping paid great dividends for the organization and, importantly, for the consumer:


  1. Member insights clarified several of our assumptions about what was most critical during their initial days, weeks, and months with CCA.  These insights led to important operational changes in CCA’s member onboarding processes.  

  2. Mapping also revealed a number of areas where responsibilities were unclear or overlapping. From those learnings, CCA was able to clarify roles, reassign responsibilities, and streamline operations. In instances where multiple departments legitimately shared responsibility, CCA implemented processes to break down silos and improve cross-functional communication.

  3. The mapping process itself was a bonding and silo-busting experience for the organization, reinforcing existing staff connections and building new ones.

  4. The journey map became a living document that helped lay the foundation for building a sustainable member-centric culture at CCA. 



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