Case Histories – Transportation

An Example of  Partnership in Action at CCA:
Engaging Consumers in the Vendor Selection Process


CCA knows from experience that transportation services are extremely important to health plan members. So, when it came time for the organization to issue an RFP for a new transportation vendor, leadership saw it as a perfect opportunity to seek input from the people who actually use the service. Not only were consumer experience measures built into the RFP but – in a first – members were invited to collaborate in the actual selection process.


CCA arranged for each vendor to make its presentation to a group of members and answer their questions. Members expressed an overwhelming preference for one of the vendors – for reasons that made excellent sense to CCA. The vendor was awarded a contract that commenced in early 2019.


Equally important, as a result of the inclusive process and the productive outcome, the member group agreed to reconvene as CCA’s new Transportation Advisory Committee. Meeting quarterly, this panel will provide ongoing feedback and advice to CCA and to the vendor. This deepening relationship will ensure that members’ voices will continue to be heard on transportation matters across the organization.


You don’t always know where consumer partnership will take you. But experiences like this one reinforce our belief that you always get to a better place.




Let’s explore ways we can work together to foster authentic consumer partnerships.

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