The CCA Connection

Engaging people with complex needs is part of our DNA at Commonwealth Care Alliance. 


CACP further advances that work.

The idea for CACP grew out of our ongoing work in quality improvement at Commonwealth Care Alliance, the Massachusetts-based payer and provider that has earned a national reputation for its expertise and success in improving the quality and controlling the cost of care for individuals with complex needs.


The people we know best 


People with complex needs account for a high proportion of the members in the CCA One Care health plan –characterized by people with significant physical and/or behavioral health disabilities. Also, two-thirds of the members in the CCA Senior Care Options (SCO) plan qualify for nursing home care but continue living safely at home with CCA's care and support. CCA's partnership-centered model has been able to significantly improve outcomes for these and other complex populations:

CACP stats 2018 updated final.jpg

One of the keys to that success is CCA's commitment to partnering authentically with consumers in collaborative decision-making. It is no accident that CCA has given the name "Care Partner" to the leader of a member's Care Team. 


Through CCA's work to implement this partnership-focused model, we've gained practical expertise in developing techniques and tools for embedding consumer voices in healthcare design and delivery. Now, at CACP, we are eager to share these tools with like-minded leaders looking to foster real healthcare transformation. 

At CCA,we recognize both the need and the challenge of improving care for people with complex needs.  We know from experience that improvement is possible – and consumer partnership is the key.