Demonstrating the power of partnering with consumers as experts by experience

The Center to Advance Consumer Partnership (CACP) is setting a new standard for healthcare design, delivery and evaluation where consumers are viewed as experts and enduring partners, invaluable to shaping programs and action.

CACP provides:


Helping organizations build capabilities that shift mindset, policy and practice.

Client Services

Ongoing services to support organizations as they embed consumer insights into new and existing programs.

Research and Development

Building knowledge, testing new approaches, developing new services.

Experts by Experience:
The power of the consumer voice

CACP views consumer engagement as foundational for nimble and adaptive organizations. We help leaders build an infrastructure and culture that ensures consumers – who possess the expertise of lived experience – become enduring partners, invaluable to shaping strategy and action.

CACP helps organizations realize the often-untapped value of their consumers’ voice:

You can do this.

We know, because we’ve been helping other organizations to promote authentic member engagement to advance consumer partnership.

We are continually amazed at the way our consumer partners translate their lived experience into insights. And how, when we act on those shared insights, they can significantly improve organizational performance. 

Let’s work together.

Contact us and learn more about CACP and how we can help you tap into the lived expertise of the people you serve.