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Founded by Commonwealth Care Alliance  to demonstrate the power of partnering with consumers as experts by experience


The Center to Advance Consumer Partnership 

CACP works with healthcare and human service organizations to achieve the best outcomes for people with complex health and social needs. CACP views consumer engagement as foundational for nimble and adaptive organizations. We help leaders build an infrastructure and culture that ensures consumers – who possess the expertise of lived experience – become their enduring partners, invaluable to shaping strategy and action. 


CACP helps organizations realize the often-untapped value of their consumers' voice: 


Consumers are an important source for critical insights and practical ideas people closest to the challenges should develop the solutions

Consumers are experts by experience their perspectives make strategy and tactics more effective  

Consumers' diverse perspectives create a wide-angle lens – to reduce disparities in the delivery of health care and services for diverse populations

You can do this. 

We know, because we’ve been doing it at Commonwealth Care Alliance.

We are continually amazed at the way our consumer partners translate their lived experience into insights.

And how, when we act on those shared insights, they can significantly improve organizational performance. 


Empathize with Consumers

See Around Corners

Uncover Blind Spots

Who do we mean by "consumer" ?

Organizations use many terms for the people they serve: members, clients, patients, caregivers, etc. "Consumer" encompasses them all.