Helping organizations build capabilities that shift mindset, policy and practice.

CACPs consulting services run the gamut: from helping organizations initially understand current consumer partnership strengths and opportunities to more robust consulting engagements focused on helping organizations build new capabilities, engage consumers as long-term partners, design solutions through a consumer lens or develop a consumer experience measurement program.

CACP’s set of consulting services are purposefully flexible in order to meet the needs of any organization.

Here are a few examples of our consulting programs:

We know that every organization has the power and potential to move along the trajectory towards authentic consumer partnership, however, we realize that that looks different for every organization; there is no one size fits all.

It is important to recognize that you are not starting from scratch; we believe every organization has tremendous assets and expertise that they can bring to this work. CACP taps into that base of knowledge, skills, and capacity – then builds on them.

Let’s work together.

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