Our Services

Strengthening capabilities to lift up and integrate lived experience as a critical source of strategic insights and practical ideas to make organizations more effective. 

CACP provides consulting programs and ongoing service delivery to organizations across a broad set of consumer experience and engagement functions. Our emphasis on research and development means we’re always listening and adapting to the voices of those we serve.

Working in partnership with healthcare and human service leaders across the country, CACP helps organizations develop capacity and build infrastructure to ensure consumers with the most significant needs become enduring organizational partners, invaluable to shaping strategy and action. We strengthen organizations’ capabilities to incorporate consumer expertise into operational, clinical, governance, and strategic decision-making critical to achieving authentically consumer centered care and service delivery models.


Helping organizations build capabilities that shift mindset, policy and practice.

Client Services

Ongoing services to support organizations as they embed consumer insights into new and existing programs.

Research and Development

Building knowledge, testing new approaches, and continuously developing new services.

Let’s work together.

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