The Value of Consumer Partnership

Consumers can become enduring partners to discover solutions that best meet their needs and support health organizations in most effectively leveraging limited resources.

Expertise through Experience
is as important as Expertise through Training. 

Organizations walk a tightrope – balancing resources with the needs of the people they serve. A turbulent economy, cuts in budgets at all levels of government, and threats to public health will only increase the challenges facing people with complex health and social needs.

Adaptive leaders must make informed decisions about where to invest resources and how to pivot quickly in an ever-changing environment.

Partnering with consumers as “experts by experience” is central to an organization’s ability to innovate and execute. Without this insight, organizations risk having blind spots about where and how to invest energy and resources.

What do we mean by “consumer”?

Organizations use many terms for the people they serve: members, clients, patients, caregivers, etc. “Consumer” encompasses them all.

Let’s work together.

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