CACP helps clients establish an infrastructure that supports ongoing integration of consumers’ lived experience and insights into strategy development and operations.

Equity Maps

CACP widens the research by creating tailored journey maps to reflect the unique experiences and identify the moments that matter within and across specific consumer segments (e.g., those with disabilities, elderly, non-English speakers, people of different races, ethnicities, or socioeconomic status). Understanding what may or may not be working, and for whom, yields important insights to help organizations reduce disparities in their provision of care and services.

Turn-Key Solutions

CACP helps build the internal infrastructure to regularly tap critical insights from a key source – the people they have committed to serve. Outsourcing a component of the consumer partnership infrastructure may make sense, therefore, CACP offers turn-key solutions and system implementation as to provide support as organizations align resources to ramp up consumer partnership.

Measuring what matters

Let’s refocus, gather data, and build new metrics that reflect what is most important to the people you serve. CACP will help you expand your framework to visualize how your performance measures align with and support improvement in the moments that matter most to your consumers.

Let’s work together.

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